If only catching your man in a lie was as easy as watching his nose grow right? Unfortunately, it will take a little more investigative work than that. If you suspect your man isn't being overly honest, check out his body language for the tell tale signs on whether he is being truthful with you. Pay close attention to what his body language is saying, it might just reveal quite a bit.

Here is what to look for according to the experts at Cosmo:


Giveaway #1: His nose gets warm. Lying actually makes the tip of a person’s nose get warm according to research. Think he's trying to put one over on you? Pull him close for a smooch and discretely feel his nose! If it’s warm, busted!

Giveaway #2: Watch how he sits. If you are having a serious discussion with your man and he wraps his legs around the legs of the chair he is sitting on, chances are he is holding something back from you.

Giveaway #3: He pauses while answering a question. If you ask him a question and he pauses before answering or repeats the question back to you, look-out it could be trouble.

Giveaway #4: He licks his lips before answering. This reaction signifies that he thinks he is about to get away with something.

Giveaway #5: Watch his hands. A liar will unconsciously bring a hand to his face, scratch his nose, rub his eyes or even scratch his chin to subconsciously block the words coming out of his mouth.

Research says the average person lies once or twice each day. These types of lies usually end up being the small inconsequential lie and not the life changing "hell no, I'm not sleeping with your best friend" lie.

Remember, it's best to trust your instincts and attempt to gather some evidence to back up an accusation before making one.