You know the honeymoon is over, when the competition begins!  So, how do you prevent this?

Avoid the end of the honeymoon!

There was an exchange in our house the other night that has prompted this story.  After dinner, that I fixed, my wife was cleaning up the guest bedroom from a family member that stayed over the weekend.  One of my siblings and a guest of hers had stayed the night.

She said, “Why do I get stuck cleaning up after your family?”I said, “I just made you dinner.”

She said, “I clean your bathroom downstairs.”

I said, “I clean the litter box every night.”

She said, “I wash your clothes.”

I said, “I took you to work today when you called to say that your battery was dead.  Then I came home for lunch early to pull the old battery, go buy a new one and install it.  Plus, I picked you up from work.  Game, set and match!”

By this time the cat has chosen higher ground, I wasn’t about to get any dessert let alone anything sweet and the laundry needed folding.  Whose turn is it?

You should know one thing about my wife and me.  We’ve been married almost 25 years and we refuse to let go of the honeymoon.

Competition?  Never.  Just ask her.  She’ll mostly likely say, “He wouldn’t stand a chance!”

She’s the love in my heart and always will be.

Here endith the lesson.