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Think twice the next time you use the excuse, sorry, I have a headache to avoid having sex. New research shows that people who have sex at least four times each week generally make more money.

On average about 5% more than those who have sex less often.

A  study of more than 7500 people by a think tank called the Institute for the Study of Labor, (and apparently a few other things) showed people who have sex at least four times each week earn more money than people who get-it-on less often.

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Does it mean that white collar workers don't work as hard as your typical blue collar worker, therefore once they get home they're not as exhausted and have the energy to get-it-on more often? That doesn't appear to be the reason.

The researchers are more inclined to believe the findings are the result of a simple connection between sex and happiness.

If you're happy it translates to self-esteem, confidence, and success. Being successful leads to greater wealth.

Another reason, people who make higher wages are more desirable in the dating market, which translates into more sex.

Let's be honest, the more sex you have, the less depressed you feel and the happier you are. This is how you connect the dots from success to sex to salary.

Sorry to say, but, the more sex you have doesn't mean you're going to be getting a pay increase anytime soon.

It simply means it pays to have more sex. Literally.