Ten years ago, John Brooker of Norfolk, England, (a retired fan maker) was standing at his kitchen sink staring out the window at his boring garden hedge. Inspiration struck him and soon after he began a major project; turning that ordinary hedge into an extraordinary 150-foot long dragon!

The dragon has six legs, gigantic wings, horns, teeth--the whole gamut. Mr. Brooker says he took it very slowly and steadily for ten years carving his creation out of his formerly mundane garden hedge. Now every two to three weeks, this extremely talented 75-year-old says, he spends about three days trimming the dragon to keep it in tip-top shape. Man this is a guy who knows his way around a pair of hedge shears.


This reminds me of one thing; just how much I hate yard work! At least I won't be trimming any major hedges this Memorial Day weekend!