Since the camera has been installed, there have been nearly 20 million visitors peeking into the lives of two beautiful bald eagles in Iowa.  Those visitors have been lucky enough to see parents Liberty and Justice fledge eight eaglets from this nest over the past couple years.  And the luck is continuing.

Congratulations to Liberty and Justice....their first egg of the season has been laid in their eastern Iowa nest, and there could be more eggs on the way!  Usually, there are two or three eggs during a season, coming within one or two days of each other.

Eagles nesting in Iowa generally lay their eggs in mid-February with the eggs hatching in mid to late March.  The eaglets begin to grow quickly and are ready to fly by the end of May or the beginning of June.

Liberty and Justice's LIVE webcam is streaming images of the eagles, and now with the addition of at least one "baby in the making", millions of visitors from all over the world will be watching nature's version of a reality TV show.

Witness Liberty and Justice's family grow everyday with either a tree-top view or a nest view.  (If you choose the tree-top view, look right above the the left....and you can see the camera pointed at their home for the great close-up shots of the nest view.)