Are people still calling you dumb for hanging on to that old "Dumb" phone of yours?

That might soon be changing.

Word has it, old school cell phones are making a comeback. More and more people are getting rid of their smart phones in favor of the proverbial "dumb" phone.

What is precipitating the change back to a phone with a tiny black-and-white screen that doesn't have a keyboard, access to the internet and a bazillion apps?

For starters it's battery life. The battery can last for days, in some cases weeks without having to charge it. Anyone who uses their smart phone with any kind of regularity definitely knows that is not the case with most smart phones.

Then there's the case of durability. Old school flip phones are way tougher! Let's be honest, how many smart phones have you seen with cracked screens. Probably quite a few I'm guessing. You can practically run over an old school dumb phone with a tank and it will still function properly.

And finally, people want to break that feeling of being too connected. There are a number of people these days that find it freeing not receive every email, Facebook message and tweet immediately. People are discovering that a little privacy and solitude isn't such a bad thing every once and awhile.

Even if you're one of these people that refuses to kick your smart phone to the curb, there's still some good news for you in all this. You might be able to make a little extra cash.

If you still have your old dumb phone laying in some drawer at home,  you should consider listing it on sites like Ebay. Who knows, you might be able to make a little extra jack?

Source: Daily Mail