Ira Heuvelman-Dobrolyubova/Getty images

Hold on tight, and don't let your electronic devices out of your sight this holiday season.

One in eight of us will either lose, break or have our electronic devices stolen this time of year according to a new survey. If you apply that statistic to the U.S. population that means roughly 15 million people will be shopping for a new phone, tablet or laptop by the start of the New Year.

The majority of mishaps seem to happen during holiday traveling and shopping. Holiday cooking and decorating can also be quite hazardous to your electronic device too.

There's nothing like accidentally dropping your smart phone off the roof while attempting to text and string up Christmas lights. Never a good idea by the way.

How about spilling the ingredients to your favorite holiday recipe all over your iPad, or leaving your laptop in the seat next to you on the airplane during holiday travels. Those types of things happen more than you know, and when they do, it definitely takes the “Merry” out of your Christmas!

Your phone is the most likely candidate to fall victim to the holidays, followed by your camera and then your laptop.

So you better guard your gadgets, because who wants or can afford to replace their electronics so close to the holidays. Not me!

Source: VentureBeat