Went to the pumpkin patch with family and friends and we had a great conversation with a master pumpkin carver.

Dean Casper, 68,  has taken carving pumpkins to that next level we can only hope to achieve.

"My kids, then my grand kids have pushed me," Casper said. "They are picky pumpkin design experts."

He says it doesn't have to be such a trial to carve a jack-o-lantern.

"You can create a whole new character by creating more lit areas, more open areas of the pumpkin by, let's say, trading the typical triangle eyes for something more rounded. There's nothing worse than not seeing the light in a carved pumpkin."

Keep your eyes open to ideas in magazines currently on newsstands and practice drawing on a paper some eye, nose and mouth designs that create happy, spooky or scared but cute pumpkins.


To get just the right look: Use an eyeliner pencil to sketch a face onto your pumpkin. Casper adds if you make a mistake, the makeup will wipe off easily with a damp cloth.

To make a face last longer: "This is huge, for parents, kids and the pumpkin," says Casper. "Space your features at least an inch-and-a-half apart." If they're cut closer together, the pumpkin is likely to cave in at the first sign of decay.

To maximize the GLOW: Add dimension and make your jack glow even brighter by carving the edges of each feature at an angle to reveal more of the inner rind.

Pinterest revealed a unique design and lighting idea for a pumpkin. Drill multiple holes in the pumpkin, if not numerous symmetrical holes, all the way around the gourd and to maximize the decorative light, avoid a candle instead stick a heaping amount of clear Christmas lights inside and plug it in. It is an amazing look and sparkles in the dark of Halloween!