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If you need another reason to hate the month of January, besides the sub-zero temps, high winds, poor driving conditions and all those New Year's resolutions we can't seem to keep, try this, one out of five relationship breakups happen during the month of January too!

Warning! With two weeks left in the month, there's a decent chance your significant other could still dump you!

According to a survey from FemaleFirst, 21% of people reported their relationship went south during the month of January. That means one in five breakups will happen this month.

Believe it or not, men are more likely to be heartbroken after a breakup than women.

A recent survey found that men are 25% more likely to be lovesick after a relationship ends.

When a relationship fails it tends to hit men harder. The biggest reason, men usually don't confide in other men for support unlike women. During breakups, men often have a lack of self worth, which is compounded by a sense of isolation, leaving them devastated.

So how does a person pull themselves out of the "ditch" of love and get back on the road to recovery?

Here are the top 10 things people do to cope with being dumped:

  • Talk to friends.
  • Breaking up is hard to do, except during the month of January evidently.
  • Overload themselves with work.
  • Grieve.
  • Buy themselves something.
  • Eat comfort food.
  • Go to a therapist.
  • Hit the bars and party.
  • Start having casual sex.
  • Talk to anyone who will listen. (Good for them, bad for you!)
  • And yes, the oldest form of therapeutic relief, get revenge. 

 Source: Huffington Post