Did you catch the news late last week that Facebook plans on releasing a new feature called "Nearby Friends" on the Facebook app for the iPhone and Android platforms?

It's just another step in the direction of depriving you of any privacy you may have or want.

Here's how it works from what I understand. They use your friends' cell phone GPS to show you exactly where they are at any time.

It's takes stalking to a whole new level. You can continuously track your friends or they can track you as you move around. You can even get alerts when you have friends nearby.

Sounds like a dream come true for that jealous spouse wanting to keep tabs on his or her significant other. Or the person who always needs to know where that friend they just can't live without is lurking at all times.

It's really not as bad as it sounds however. First, obviously you need to be on Facebook. Then you will still have control over who you'll allow to stalk you.

Normally when a change like this is made on everyone's account you'd have to opt out through a series of annoying steps. Fortunately Facebook didn't do it that way this time.

You have to OPT-IN to the "Nearby Friends" feature. So you will always have complete control over the friends you'll allow to creep on you.

Facebook plans on rolling out this new feature over the next few weeks.