Ladies and gentleman the countdown has begun.  Justin Timberlake has announced that he is ready to make music again!!!!!!!!! Were the exclamation points over kill? I don’t’care.   I’m trying not to faint from excitement.  As I’ve mentioned before I love him.  (Even though Jessica Biel is trying to tear us apart.)

According to  the countdown has begun and a new album will be dropped in three months and eleven days.  I can’t hardly frickin wait.  I’m in the process of pre-ordering right now.  Justin has been posting many cryptic tweets and messages on his website.

He is rumored to be working with long time collaborater Timbaland as well as possibly Jay-Z and or Beyonce.  Hova and Bey as well as Justin were spotted leaving a studio together.  Oooh, the possibilities that partnership could create.  Other media outlets have hinted that a single will be released by Timberlake in just three days! I know it is technically after Christmas but this is the best belated Christmas present a JT fan could ask for!