Rumor has it that Kate Moss might be the feature model for Playboys 60th anniversary issue.  The magazine is scheduled to hit stands in January of 2014.  Kate will be 40.  After hearing this I was forced to do some “Research”.  Lately Kate has been taking off more and more cloths for all sorts of magazines.  You can see lots of Kate in a bathtub in LOVE Magazine.  You can see Kate sporting the latest in S&M attire in V Magazine.  And of course you can see all sorts of Kate at here facebook fan page.

Playboy has not officially confirmed that Kate will be taking it all off for there publication.  But, it seems fairly certain.  Now, I’m all in favor of a woman’s right to get naked whenever and wherever she wants.  But here a question for you:  At 40 is Katy to old to be posing in a nudie mag.?  I’m not judging.  I’m just asking.  What do you think?