Here's a bit of good news if you haven't been overly kind to your body and you're still under the age of 50.

There's a study out of Northwestern University in Chicago that says you can undo all the damage you've done to your body with alcohol, bad food, smoking and lack of exercise. Just kick all those bad habits by age 50 and there's a good chance you'll be okay.

According to the research if you start to lose some weight, eat healthier, begin exercising, stop smoking and cut back on your alcohol consumption in your late 30's and into your 40's, and your body will recover from all the damage you put it through during your partying years.

That of course will go a long way in reducing your risk of having a heart attack and other health issues.

The bad news, if you're already over 50 and still leading the lifestyle of Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones you're pretty much screwed.

But, then again, Keith Richards is still kicking. So who really knows.