I remember uttering my very first swear word.  It was SH#!*.  I was promptly informed that little boys don't talk like that and should head straight to my room.  Don't pass go don't collect $200.00 dollars.

  According to a brand new study children are swearing more and are starting to do so at a younger age.The average child now starts saying bad words between the ages of 3 and 4 – earlier than kids did a few decades ago. A person's peak period of swearing is during his or her teenage years. So who do you think is to blame for kids swearing more, TV, Movies, Radio? NO! Children are swearing more, and at a younger age, because, over the past 30 years, the adults that they mimic are swearing more! It's YOU!


Let me ask you this:  WHAT WAS THE FIRST SWEAR WORD TO COME OUT OF YOUR MOUTH or YOUR LITTLE DARLING'S MOUTH?  WAS IT EMBARRASSING?  TELL US!!  **We'll be sharing your answers on the MIX 97.3!