Those that are familiar with the drive by the east side of Lake Alvin (East of Harrisburg) know that this picture 'just ain't right.  The slight gap on the right side of the water is where the spillway 'normally is.'  That's right, the road, County Road 135 'is now the dam' on the east side of Lake Alvin.

I was by the spillway yesterday and should have taken a picture then with the Samsung Galaxy S3 I use courtesy of Sprint.  So I did have to grab this pic on-line from  Oh, yes, there is quite a difference.

Yep...the road, County Road 135 IS now, the east end of the dam of Lake Alvin.  The guy in this pic would be about 8 to 10 feet under water tonight.

There is more rain expected in the forecast, it might be a good idea to keep to main highways and roads the next few late nights.  If not, be prepared to stop and pay attention.