Who has a landline for telephone service anymore?  And why?

If your like me I haven't had a landline for many years.  There was no reason to pay for two phone services.

A new government survey says 4 out of 10 American households are connected to the outside world through cellphones only - compared to those who use landlines or a combination of both. That percentage is twice the rate from just five years ago. However, the study finds that the pace of cutting landlines seems to have slowed in recent years.

The study is done by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - which has been tracking phone use for a decade.

Some people say they are tempted to dump their traditional lines because they are often flooded with telemarketer pitches, are tied to a home security or other system - or because the landline is part of one of those "bundled" packages that offer phone, Internet and TV service.
Source:  AP

So, have you?