Justin Timberlake's newest single, 'Suit and Tie,' has finally been released.  I must say as a die hard fan I'm a little underwhelmed.  I could do without the intro, but I'm sure like most of his albums the intro will make more sense when you hear the entire album.  I'm hoping he is pulling a Kelly Clarkson type move.  If you will recall when Kelly released her last effort, 'Stronger.' the first single 'Mr. Know It All' was a little eh.  Then she came out with her anthemic hit 'Stronger' and blew everyone away.  I'm hoping Justin is doing the same.

But all this talk of new Justin music got me reminiscing about my favorite Justin music moments of the past.  All the way back to his NSync days, SNL moments, and his solo efforts.  He really has had quite the career.  I am going to list some of my favorite moments and you tell me which is your favorite.