Like many of you I recently purchased a laptop computer.  If you've been to any store you've probably noticed that Windows 8 looks different than your old computer.  A lot different!

While I was on vacation, I decided that I would take a few minutes to make 'navigating' around Windows 8 a priority and take some time to learn. I did what any student of 'today' would do.  I didn't attend a class or even call a friend, I pulled it up on YouTube. Seems this guy put this video together in less than 3 minutes while sitting in a coffee shop.

It's people like this that amaze me. And frustrate the hell out of me.  It does show a ton of things you can use to make navigating around Windows 8 much easier though.

Hey, they wouldn't have dreamed it up, if it wasn't to make things easier. Oh, by the way, thank you Scott!