Out in Denver, Co. they have opened the first legal members only club for smoking marijuana.  For about $29 bucks you can come into the club and smoke dope.  It is BYOR.  You have to bring your own Reefer.  Now remember, back in Nov. Colorado voted to legalize marijuana usage.  So this could be the first of many joints...er...clubs catering to Skunk Monkeys (slang for "Pot Smoker").  This is what the folks at news4jax.com reported:

 The club opened on New Year's Eve at 4:20 p.m. -- another significant number among pro-pot advocates -- to a small, but enthusiastic crowd of about a dozen people, all over the age of 21. Each member paid a $29 fee, allowing them to bring their own weed and smoke anywhere on the premises.  Even though the club doesn't sell marijuana it "thwart(s) the intent of Amendment 64," which requires a year-long waiting period before stores are allowed to open and sell marijuana. That provision is designed to allow state and local governments enough time to regulate the industry and, proponents hope, to help ease fears in the community.  Despite new laws in Colorado and Washington state, federal law still prohibits recreational marijuana use. It's unclear if the federal government will step in and try to stop either state's laws from being enacted.

Many states in the county are looking at legalizing Pot, Grass, Ganja, Mary Jane, Giggle Smoke, Jolly Green.  You get the idea.  What do you think, should marijuana be legalized in South Dakota?