Lick The Spoon is located at Park Place Plaza on 41st Street in Sioux Falls. And it is a little slice of heaven...(Note the picture glitter.  That doesn't just happen)   But that is the only "little slice" that you'll find in the Bistro. The menu is made up of some of the best homemade recipes in large portions that redefine the term "Comfort Food".  Things like fresh baked goods, gourmet coffee, amazing quiche, desserts, homemade casseroles and of course the best freakin' homemade Pot Pies in which you will ever stuff a spoon.

Owner Angela Waltjer was our delightful hostes on our recent lunch visit.  I tried the Traditional Chicken Pot Pie.  It ain't yer Grandma's Pot Pie.   It's the kind of meal that only a few chickens dare dream of ending up as part of the recipe.  It was filled with colorful vegetables, big hunks of chicken, with a tasty rue and all bedded down in Angela's crispy hand made crust.  While eating I found myself making "Yummy Sounds".  After the pot pie I was offered one of the large, seductive deserts that decorated the glass case at the counter.  I was too full to oblige.  I will be returning soon to be seduced by one of those beauties.

"Lick the Spoon" is one of those fun Sioux Falls treasures that combines great homemade food, comfortable atmosphere, and down right friendly service.  And just so you know I did lick the spoon and if I'd had a fork, I'd have licked that too.