As we have all watched Lindsay Lohan self destruct the polite thing to do would be to look away.  But, like when a waitress slips and drops a tray of Strawberry Daiquiris, you just can't not watch.

Now Lindsay has been offered a plea deal that would just net her 90 days of house arrest.  This is for her case involving a charge for lying to police after she said she wasn't behind the wheel of her Porsche when the car crashed on the Pacific Coast Highway back in June 2012.  The new twist is TMZ is reporting that LiLo plans to reject the offer, which would send the case to trial.  Her lawyer is trying to get the three-month period reduced even further.  TMZ reports further that she refuses to accept any punishment and would rather go to trial.  If Lohan goes to trial and is convicted, it's very likely she could be sentenced to months in prison.  She would go directly to jail.  No passing go.  No collecting $200.00 dollars.