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It is getting tougher and tougher to follow the off screen life of Lindsay Lohan.  Li-Lo was scheduled to appear in court for misdemeanor assault charges for a brush up with a Palm Beach psychic.  Lindsay and Tiffany Mitchell were at a nightclub in the end of Nov. when the alleged altercation took place.  But Lindsay's luck my have turned around in the new year because the psychic must have seen that the future of this case was not good.  Here is the "LO-down" form TVYahoo:

The defense team has since drawn up some "very credible evidence and testimony" that would weaken Mitchell's case, including a statement from a witness that Lohan "did absolutely nothing wrong [and] had made no contact with the alleged victim."  This isn't the first time that Heller has taken a jab at Mitchell's job as a fortune teller.  "From my understanding, Lindsay was being approached by a fortune teller who sought to provide a reading to her and she politely said 'I don't want to participate' and declined," Heller told reporters Monday. "You would think if [Mitchell] was a fortune teller, she would have been able to see this happening in advance. But obviously her skills weren't that honed."  The troubled starlet was also hit with a few other charges linked to a car accident in June, including obstruction of an officer, providing false information and reckless driving. As a result, a California judge revoked Lohan's informal probation from her 2011 necklace theft case, and she is due back in the courtroom for a probation violation hearing on Jan. 15.  Lohan will not be required in court for the psychic assault case until formal papers have been filed. Until then, the Manhattan District Attorney's Office ruled that the investigation will be ongoing.

Do you think Lindsay is going to turn things around in 2013?