I worked in TV news for 12 years, most of them as the 'Sports Guy'.  That means when someone called to complain about something during the news, I was the one who usually answered the phone because everyone else was busy and I didn't go on until the last few minutes.

You would be surprised about the things that compel people to pick up the phone and 'vent their spleen' at whoever happens to be on the other end.  Very, very rarely did it ever deal with something that was factually inaccurate, nope, they just wanted to bitch.

For a lot of those years, Nancy Naeve at KSFY-TV was one of my co-workers.

Here's the thing you need to know about Nancy:  of all of the people I ever worked with, the person you saw on the air and the person you encountered off the air were virtually the same.  She's never been shy about 'keeping it real', especially if you're messing with co-workers.

So it was not surprising when Nancy took time out this week to scold some in the viewing audience who had called to complain when her morning show co-anchor Shawn Cable interrupted the season finale of 'Once Upon A Time' the other night to give some vital information about a tornado in Northwest Iowa:

Full disclosure here: I myself have been miffed when my favorite show, movie, or sporting event has been interrupted for weather updates, especially when the area in question is nowhere near where I live.  But I have yet to pick up the phone and berate anyone and probably never will, because I never know if that next warning might be for may neighborhood or the ones where my kids live.

All of the Sioux Falls television stations cover a huge area, stretching all the way from West of the Missouri River to Southern North Dakota to Northern Nebraska to Western Iowa and Minnesota.  It's impossible to give crucial updates on potentially dangerous storms and not mess up the TV shows of people watching miles away.

So the next time you're angry about a weather warning getting in the way of your precious show, yell all you want at the TV, just stay away from the phone!