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Workplace holiday parties are back!

As an employee, you either love em' or you hate em'!  There's usually no middle ground.

Now that the economy is somewhat improving, more and more offices are getting back into the habit of having them once again. According to a new survey, 96% of companies plan on throwing a holiday party for their employees this year. That's up from 91% in 2012 and 74% in 2011.

Even though more offices will be throwing an employee Christmas party this year, most companies still plan to keep them on the modest side. Only 6% of businesses will spend more on this year's party than last year’s according to the survey.

Speaking of employee holiday parties, anyone that has ever attended one knows they can be a very dangerous thing for some. 60% of us have seen a fellow co-worker get plowed and do something embarrassing at an office Christmas party that they will eventually regret.

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Chances are we've all witnessed throughout our working lives at least one fellow employee tying-one-on at a company party, then hitting on a fellow coworker. Or maybe they have one to many libations and proceed to tell the boss what they really think about his or her management style, with a profanity laden tirade, that eventually results in a Merry Christmas; you're fired "pink slip” within a few days after the party.

By the way, here are the top five drunken things employees do at holiday office parties:

  • Sharing inappropriate details about their own life.


  • Hitting on fellow coworkers.


  • Attempting to drive after drinking too much.


  • Start using copious amounts of profanity.


  • Get into an argument with a fellow employee or a supervisor.

How many of those do you think you'll witness this year? Ah, company Christmas parties, just another reason to love the holiday season!