Pastor Jeff Hayes of Faith Temple Church in Sioux Falls says thousands of pounds of food will be given away Friday afternoon.  In the Pastor's own words, "we know there are a lot of people struggling right now.  If they're not struggling, perhaps their neighbors are experiencing tough times. If you have some free time, come on out and get a free box for your neighbor or for yourself.  You'll be blessed when you do."

Pastor Hayes says the food giveaway gives people hope!  "We don't want people to feel uncomfortable.  We want to welcome them and get to know them.  Wonderful things have happened at the giveaways.  Aside from the food, many people have gained hope.  They go out of the building feeling a whole lot better."

Friday's food giveaway will be held in the Armory Building at the Sioux Empire fairgrounds beginning at 4pm.

"We don't want people to be embarrased to come out to the giveaway.