Here we are again, it's summertime. While it's great that Sioux Falls can take a break from our nine months of tundra living, it's not all pools and patios.

We are lucky enough to not have to put up with the heat and humidity levels in places like Louisiana or the dessert of Arizona, but inside our cars can still get hot. Too hot for a child or a pet that is left in a car.

To really get and idea of how fast and how hot a car can get in the summer sun check out these two videos. The first one is from the Sarasota, Florida sheriff's department. They put a thermometer in a car so we can see the numbers as they rise.

In the second, YouTube user tbartley269 takes it upon himself to demonstrate what it's like in a hot car. Don't try this at home, but see how it goes for him. He got in, shut the doors and turned on the camera.


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