A report of someone breaking into a vehicle brought Sioux Falls police to the area of West 15th Street and South Willow Avenue Monday night, and the investigation led officers to the 700 Block of South Western Avenue and a report of a possible suspect.

Officer Sam Clemens says the man sped away, beginning a pursuit that eventually included stop signs and red lights on 10th Street, Western Avenue and West Avenue.

An officer, who ended the pursuit, estimated the suspect's speed at 60 miles per hour before the man stopped and walked away. He was located and arrested, but Clemens says he turned out to have had nothing to do with the vehicle break-in. He told police he had driven away because his driver's license was suspended and he didn't want to go to jail on his girlfriend's birthday.

But Clemens says 30-year-old Jamil Kalonji Conley did go to jail, on charges of aggravated eluding, two stop sign violations, two red light violations and driving with a suspended license.