By the time every boy is a teenager, he has either given or received a wedgie. For the women who may not know what that is, it's pulling someone's underwear up out of their pants. The 'atomic wedgie' is pulling the underwear up to, and depending on how big and stretchy those underwear are, OVER the top of the head.

A 33-year old Oklahoma man (yes 33, not 13) man got into a fight with his stepfather December 21, 2013. The man allegedly gave his stepfather an atomic wedgie, pulling the man's underwear up and over his head, causing the waist band to end up around the man's neck.

No formal charges have been filed, though the man was arrested Tuesday January 7, 2014 in connection with the death. The coroner's report says the man died of either blunt force trauma or asphyxia.