I'll admit it, I indulge in the occasional Quarter Pounder with Cheese or the 10 piece Chicken McNuggets.  And, who doesn't like McDonald's french fries?

But, just how popular are the golden arches?  According to a new study from Placed.com, nearly half of U.S. consumers ate at McDonald's in March, 2013.  This could be a bit misleading.  Some of those are the same people coming back because they keep forgetting to put the BBQ sauce in the bag for the McNuggets!

Here's the Top 10.  How many of these do you visit on a regular basis?

  1. McDonald's (49%)
  2. Walmart (38.8%)
  3. Subway (37.8%)
  4. Burger King (24.3%)
  5. Starbucks (23.9%)
  6. Wendy's (22.8%)
  7. Walgreens (22.7%)
  8. CVS (18.9%)
  9. Taco Bell (18.2%)
  10. Target (14.2%)

The report is really interesting.  Click here to read the entire report.