Twenty-three year-old Maddie Todd is working on making her way to the TV Stage of the new American Idol. The Augustana University graduate auditioned for the show in Fargo at the beginning of September.

In Fargo she performed for people from the show, and they liked what they heard. Todd told KSFY-TV that the judges there elimited the three other people in her audition group and gave her a golden ticket and the the chance to perform for producers in LA.

As she said on Facebook after her North Dakota trek: "Guess what, friends. Still no expectations. This next round is simply LA execs deciding if they're interested enough to meet me (in person/Skype). Then if they like me, I'll audition in front of the celebrity judges. So I just auditioned to audition."

Todd auditions for the producers in Los Angeles on Monday (September 25). And The Argus Leader reports that the producers invited her to audition for the Celebrity Judges!

The next step in Todd's journey to the TV stage is the celebrity judge auditions in New Orleans or Nashville. The new American Idol show will premiere on ABC in the spring.

Maddie is serious about her music. She performs around Sioux Falls and on YouTube. She also has her first album out called Not Colorblind. You can get it on her website

She's also been on National Public Radio's Tiny Desk Concert series.

She is so good! Here's some more.

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