Tis' the season to go shopping, like it or not, Christmas shopping season is upon us once again!

Let me guess, most women are probably just about done shopping, while most men will think about scouring the malls starting around 3:30pm on December 24th looking for the ideal Christmas present for the lady in their life. Sorry gals, it’s just the way we’re hard-wired!

Men and shopping, they just really don’t go together!  Which leads me to my next question, ladies, what kind of grade would you give your significant other in the Christmas shopping department?

Does your man need Santa to provide him with a copy of your Christmas list to score the perfect gift, or is he capable of finding it on his own?

What would you do, if your man wrapped up a leaf blower and a drill press for you for Christmas? Would he live to shop another day?

I guess you could always retaliate, by getting him that pretty little purple purse at the Coach Store?

Does your man even know the cardinal rule when it comes to shopping for a woman, that he should never, ever, buy you a gift that HE would enjoy?

Let us know.