With Memorial Day weekend upon us, grills all over the Sioux Empire will be firing up. The aroma of steaks, burgers, chicken and god knows what else will soon be filling the air.

Ahhh, the sweet smell of summer. Let the barbecue season officially begin.

So who is the grillmeister around your place?

Would you believe the grill gap is closing? More and more women are now handling the grilling duties in many homes.

The barbecue grill has always been considered male territory. Running the grill has probably been one of the most male-dominated pursuits in life. But the times are a changing.

According to the folks at Weber grills, 25% of Memorial Day barbecues this year will have a woman manning, or should I say, womanning the grill.

That's a 20% increase over last year.

The Memorial Day weekend is the third-biggest grilling holiday, right behind the Fourth of July and Labor Day.

With all these women in charge of the grilling duties now, I hope it doesn't mean the men are now obligated to do the dishes? Worse yet, we'll probably have to get our own beer now too.