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Step away from the buffet line ladies if you want to keep your boyfriend! Because 50% of men said they would dump their girlfriend if she gained a lot of weight.

It sounds like men in the U.S. prefer something slim and pretty next to them once they fall.

Could it be men here in the U.S. really that shallow? According to a new survey it appears so.

50% of men surveyed would be willing to kick their lady to the curb if she gained a significant amount of weight and 50% would not.

The survey also asked the same question to men in Canada, the U.K. and Australia.

Men in Canada were the only other ones likely to say sayonara to a girlfriend that gained a lot of weight, 52% to 48%.

Men in the U.K. and Australia get the good guy award. They were more apt to say they'd stick with their lady if she packed on quite a few extra pounds.

They should ask that same exact question to women next.  It would be interesting to find out how many ladies would stand by their man once his six-pack-abs transform into a six pack a day beer belly?

You'll probably find that women are generally more accepting of their man when he tends to gain a bit of weight. Research has shown that a great majority of women place a higher importance on the man as a person and not his physical appearance.