Sounds like women are ready to pass the high-maintenance crown to men. According to a recent survey in Cosmo, one in five women actually believe their husband or boyfriend is the more high-maintenance one in the relationship.

What are all these delusional ladies basing this on?

Here are the top five high maintenance behaviors in men:

  • Men are more apt to throw a tantrum if they don't get their way.
  • Guys spend more time in the bathroom getting ready than women do.
  • Men are more likely to refuse to leave the house without their hair looking perfect, and without wearing the right clothes.
  • Men constantly need to be told, "I love you."
  • And finally, guys get upset when women don't answer their phone calls in a certain number of rings.

75% of ladies with high maintenance men say they stress out about all the effort it takes to keep their high-maintenance man happy.

It's true that a man typically likes to complain about his high-maintenance woman, but when all is said and done, most men want to be with one. Can the same be said for women?