Get ready for a blow to your ego men.

You can quit wasting your time eating right, exercising, lifting those weights in an attempt to perfectly sculpt your body to make sure you're always looking good for your significant other. There's a chance she doesn't care.

As a matter of fact, there's a new survey that says one in five women say they get more turned on by a new pair of shoes than by their significant others bod.

So matter how beautiful your man-body is, and no matter on good you are in the rack, there's a one in five chance you won't be able to compete with a pair of pretty little pumps.

I told you it was gonna be an ego bruiser.

Speaking of women and their shoes. Half of women lie to their mates about how much money they spend on footwear. And almost half of women judge people based on the shoes they wear. The majority of that judging is generally on the negative side, not the positive.

Source: Stylecaster