(BPT) - Guys often keep their schedules packed full during the fall and winter months. Between the traditional work meetings, the sports game gatherings and all the holiday season activities, a man should be prepared to look his best at any given moment.

Because the season is so busy, men don't want to spend much time keeping up their appearances, but still want to look great. Here are some easy tips from lifestyle expert and founder of MensStylePro.com, Sabir Peele, to help accomplish your best look - clothing and beyond:

  • Find a great scent for the fall. Your style extends beyond how you look, and a great cologne leaves a lasting impression.

  • Slim down your wallet and opt for a card case that has a money clip attached. There's nothing less stylish than having to pull out a bulky wallet full of receipts, when you only need a few twenties and your credit card.

  • For the frequent traveler, keep a small needle and thread in your travel bag. You'll never know when you'll lose a button.

  • If you're going to invest in shoes, go for a pair of plain or cap toe shoes in brown for the fall and winter months.

  • Forget hiding behind a beard - a nice, clean-shaven face is the way to go.