Alright you single guys in need of date, next time you hit the town looking for a lady, forget using all those lame pickup lines you know! You stand a better chance with the opposite sex if you're wearing something "purple."

A new survey from My Ariel reveals men wearing purple are more likely to land a lady.

36% of women accepted a date request from a man wearing a purple shirt. Don't own anything purple? Wear black. That color came in second with women accepting dates.

You can expect more lonely nights on the horizon, if you wear colors like blue or pink. Those are the two worst colors a man can wear if he's on the prowl for a lady according to the survey.

Whatever you do, make sure you dress up a little. 28% of women admitted to declining a date, because the man asking wasn't dressed up to her standards. The study also showed 58% of the respondents considered dress sense the primary factor when looking for a perspective date partner.

And men, after reading this, if you're thinking of dressing as Barney the Purple Dinosaur on Halloween night, don't expect to make many love connections. Probably not the best idea I'm guessing. I could be wrong, but I doubt it. Consider dressing as Jared Allen of the Vikings instead. You might get better results.