Yes! The bald man's prayers have been answered.  There's finally a tattoo every bald man should give some serious consideration too.

It's called micropigmentation.

Here's how it works, men with male pattern baldness have tiny dots tattooed on their scalp, so to give the illusion that you have hair, but you just chose to buzz it short. This is an absolutely brilliant idea given how popular it is for men to shave their heads at the moment.

It's actually somewhat cost effective too. Especially when you start to compare it to things likes; hair plugs, or a lifetime of Rogaine.

The average micropigmentation will run anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000 depending on how much real-estate you have up top that needs covering.

It takes two or three treatments to cover the average mans scalp if you're almost completely bald. If you have just a small bald spot, one treatment should suffice.

People like Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel, Jason Statham and Pitbull have supposedly already had the procedure done.

There is only one problem with all this, tattoos are of course permanent and the remaining hair on your head probably isn't. So when you lose more hair, you'll need to fire up the credit card, to get more dots. Otherwise you'll look like you only have hair on your current bald spot.

Source: CBS New York