So here is a little bit of a different topic for us to think about today. My girlfriends and I have often times debated theories of when is the right time to give up the goods.

Some people say wait three to five dates while other people say wait three to five months and others yet say to wait until marriage.

I say, it depends on the people. There is no hard and fast number to assign to the subject. Life just isn’t that cut and dry. The truth is everyone is different and every relationship is different. One couple may be comfortable with each other, and feel it is ok on the first night. The same people in different relationships may wait until five dates in or may wait up until the wedding night. There is no right or wrong time period.

The only thing that is certain is to make sure it is right for you. Whether female or male, both people have to feel comfortable and sure that it is the right thing to do. Sex can have a major impact on a relationship, so it should be given consideration. Sometimes people are just looking for a sexual relationship while others want a romantic relationship.The dating game can be a whirlwind of choices.

And there is potential to get burned. If I give it up on the first night, he may not ever call me again. But if I make him wait, he could get bored and may not ever call me again. The important thing here is to have respect for yourself and never do something you are not comfortable with. If your date/partner cannot respect your wishes, then maybe they are not a good match for you after all.

The key is open communication. Make sure everyone is on the same page and don’t let other people make the decision for you – not your parents, not society, and not even the person you love can know what time is right for you. If you are having some doubts, then it is probably best to be safe and wait until you are sure. Usually, when it feels right, you will know!