Change is inevitable.  But that doesn't mean I have to like it.  My friend Brad Peterson will be leaving the MIX 97.3 family.  Friday will be Brad’s last day doing the MIX 97.3 midday show.  He is, as they say in this business, “pursuing other opportunities”.  I will miss seeing him every day.  I will miss his positive attitude, great sense of humor and easy smile.  I have known Bradley a long time.  We’ve know each other since way back when I had long hair and he had hair.  That’s a while back.  We have worked together up and down the dial.  We’ve played golf, tennis, and posed with beauty queens together.  And in all that time I’ve had the honor of being able to call him friend.  Behind the microphone he is always a talent and a professional.  He always has a compassionate ear and cherished advice.  I will miss a daily dose of Brad’s humor.  He is one of the good ones.

This is not a eulogy, just a turn in a career path.  But somehow I feel like the middle kid in an amicable divorce.  The MIX get’s full custody of me and I’m not sure about the visitation arrangements.  I assume Brad will want me every other weekend.  But I don’t know.

To my friend Brad Peterson, I wish you only the best that God has to give in your life and on your new adventure.  See ya on the links!