Over the last few days you may have noticed that the MIX 97-3 has had some issues with our on air signal.  After last weeks ice and snow storm I am amazed that we are broadcasting at all.  Hats off to our engineering staff for their tireless efforts in keeping the Results Radio stations up and running.  You can imagine the challenges of keeping ice covered towers and equipment operational.  Now some folks much wiser than I tried to explain to me exactly what is going on with our broadcast signal, but with my limited understanding of all technical runnings and such all I heard was: "Blah, Blah Electrical Slobber Washer....blah, blah, Flux Capacitor ... blah, blah, Vortex Optics Supercharger...yadda, yadda....Hampster Wheel, yik, yik...."  Honestly, that's all I heard.  But the point is we will soon have our shields restored, be back to full impulse power and be ready to beam you up.  Thank You for your patience!