Next time you're at the grocery store, take a look around at the other shoppers. Don't stare! Just 'notice'.

There are a lot more guys at the grocery store these days, aren't there?

A new survey says men do half of the grocery shopping in their household. And of that group, half say they do all the shopping.

In our house, it's safe to say I do probably 95% of the grocery shopping. I don't really mind it and do find a little enjoyment out of it, as long as I don't have to stop four or five days a week (helpful tip: start a list at home so you don't have to keep stopping!)

But how could you get more guys to do the shopping?

--On free sample day, have stands offering beer samples.

--Hang TV's from the bottom of the aisle signs showing ESPN or the play-offs.

--Inside the store you can still have the kind 75-year old lady offering pieces of fruit, but out front, put a giant grill with bikini-clad younger women offering steak and sausage samples.

--At a few Hy Vee stores in Kansas City and Des Moines, they've installed a bar upstairs from the grocery store. That alone is drawing more men to the store!

Let's hear it from the guys: What would get you to do the grocery shopping?