Every year, Halloween costumes get more and more creative.  How many ghosts do you see anymore?  Not many.  When I was growing up, finding a Halloween costume was easy.  You cut 3 holes into an old sheet and you were Casper, or Mom would buy those plastic masks with the VERY small nose and mouth hole.  Those would almost suffocate you.

Nowadays, Halloween costumes cost more than just 25 cents for a plastic mask.  According to the National Retail Federation, Americans are expected to spend almost $2.6 billion on Halloween costumes this year.  That breaks down to $1.2 billion on adult costumes, $1 billion on children's costumes and another $330 million for your pet.

Here are Google's top trending Halloween costume searches in October, 2013:

  1. Minion
  2. Miley Cyrus
  3. Breaking Bad
  4. Duck Dynasty
  5. Great Gatsby
  6. Wolf
  7. Grumpy Cat
  8. Couples costume
  9. DIY costumes
  10. Gru