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Well guys, I hate to be the one that breaks the bad news to you, but it sounds like your significant other doesn't have the same high regard for that old, smelly, sweat stained hoodie, that flannel shirt you’ve owned since 1989 and those out of style jeans you like to wear.

According to a new survey, two-thirds of women have tried to change their boyfriend or husband's appearance. And most of them say it took about six and a half months for them to succeed. 

That's because for every flannel shirt she tosses in the trash, most men have three more secretly hidden away that she hasn't found yet. It's a little game we like to play.

Half of the women surveyed say they regularly buy clothing for their guy. On average they buy 21 items each year, and spend close to $800.00 doing so.

And I might add, the majority of the clothing they end up buying makes really nice gifts for another guy, once it ends up being taken to a second hand clothing shop after it has hung in your closet for a couple of years first.

Why are women so bound and determined to give their man a makeover? 34% say the main reason was because of his wardrobe. 22% say he needed a new hair style and 9% of the ladies said they needed to change his smell.

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Guys, once this starts to happen to you, and trust me it will. You have a choice you need to make. You can fight it with every fiber of your being. End up waging a wardrobe war that could go on for years or you can just give in and start looking like some metro sexual catalog model.

At the end of the day, why fight it. If your significant other is anything like mine, she's not going to stop until she succeeds. My advice, just keep a change of clothes at your buddies place, at least when you hang with him, you're gonna look more like Tim Allen instead of Tiny Tim.

Source: Daily Mail