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It's no secret that both men and women have certain things that help motivate us to lose weight.

Men might decide its time to hit the gym to get rid of those unwanted love handles, that nasty beer gut or maybe because of a health scare and they're doing it per doctors orders.

Women on the other hand, might use reasons like; an upcoming wedding, a class reunion they're trying to look good for, or because they just bought a bunch of new clothes that are too small and it will force them to lose weight to get into them.

Supposedly buying clothes that are too small is the latest weight loss motivational trick that is catching on for women according to a new study.

81% of the ladies surveyed admitted to buying clothes that are too small, so it forces them to drop those unwanted pounds.

Let's face it, most everyone knows the uncomfortable feeling you get when wearing a pair jeans that are too tight around the waistline. It's not pleasant. So what better way to force you to get in good shape, than buying clothing that's one or two sizes too small. Absolutely ingenious ladies. Providing you actually follow through with the plan. But, if you give in and succumb to those cravings for chocolate sundaes three times a week, not so much.

The study showed when a married woman is trying to lose weight, many times the rest of her family diets (or should I say suffers) along with her. More than two-thirds of the gals surveyed have banned the entire family from eating certain snack foods, so they won't see them and get tempted themselves. 

50% started using smaller plates to serve food on. And nearly 50% say they've banned their family from watching food related TV shows.

In my house growing up, I could always tell when my mother was on a mission to lose weight. She'd break out all the "fat" photo's of herself and start to strategically place them around the house. That was a clear indicator to the rest of the family that it's diet time again. Just her way of preparing the rest of us to get ready for a steady dose of veggies and those God awful bland tasting rice cake things for dessert again!

I hated diet time!

Source: Daily Mail