Did you and your significant other see a movie over the weekend?

Is your bank account about 40+ dollars lighter today because of it? I believe it. And you won't believe or want to read this.

Everyone knows there's an obscene markup when it comes to movie theater food. What you probably didn't realize was how crazy it actually is.

Recently a business school professor at the University of California, Irvine analyzed how much the average movie theater charges for food at their concession stand, versus how much it actually costs them to make the stuff. The markup will blow your mind!

For instance, that large bucket of popcorn that you more than likely shelled out $8.00 for, only cost the theater 90 cents to make. But wait, it gets better. The large soda you paid around $6.00 for, runs most theaters around 51 cents and that includes the cup, the lid and the straw.

That's a nice little profit margin theaters have going I'd say.

If you had a box of candy during your movie, it probably ran you close to $4.25. Not the theater. The typical theater will pay around $2.00 for every box of candy they purchase. In terms of a markup, that's actually the worst deal for them.

With those type of profit margins, it's amazing any theater could ever go out of business you know it?

The next time you go to a movie and hear the guy next to you rattling on the way in, chances are it's just me and my store bought Hot Tamales that I paid 99 cents for. That's a savings of $3.26 for me in case you're wondering.

Oh yeah, please don't tell the usher. I'd really like to stay and watch the movie I paid $16.00 for. Thanks!

Source: Yahoo