My first can was a 1969 Ford Econoline.  I bought it off my older brother for $500.00 in 1979.  The engine was inside the vehicle between the front to seats.  There was a lid you would throw back to gain access to the motor.  I'm sure when the car was newer the seal around the lid didn't leak.  When I had it, that was not the case.  Your view through the windshield was often obstructed by the clouds of blue smoke being purged into the passenger seats.  In the back of the van there was ample rust and pink shag carpet.  Gnarly.

We lived up on the Iron Range in northern Minnesota.  The winters are cold there and the van's heating system, like most of it's systems, didn't work.  About the only real memorable thing about this ride was that someone had rearranged the F-O-R-D on the back doors to read D-O-R-F.  Despite all of this I loved my $500.00 Dorf Van.  Do you remember your 1st car?  Tell us about that!?