I took the picture above of a gift my friend Jonny gave me and I love it. This gift made me love Jonny even more in all his glorious quirkiness!

Jonny and his dad love the Florida Hurricanes and go down to see them play whenever possible. They discovered that one of their favorite restaurants (Primanti Bros.) was in Orlando and make the trip there just to have the "Almost Famous" sandwich when they are in Florida.

Primanti's "Almost Famous" sammie is a monstrous creation built on two slices of soft, white Italian bread, with your choice of meat or double meat (pastrami, turkey, Italian capicola ham or salami), provolone cheese, a huge serving of crisp fries on top of the cheese, then covered with their house-made coleslaw and tomatoes.

Goldbely via YouTube

Primanti Bros. just started shipping their "Almost Famous" sandwich party pack around the country, so of course Jonny had to have one. You get all of the fixins' to make four of their sandwiches, plus a t-shirt for $109 (what else would a single guy with disposable income spend his money on?)!

Photo of my friend Jonny by Patty Dee

So, the night Jonny gets his kit, he texts me to ask if I want the tomatoes that come with the sandwich ingredients, as he is not a tomato fan. I said yes, thinking that it would be some sort of container or bag with sliced tomatoes in it or something. But no, he hands me the two perfectly bubble-wrapped tomatoes, you see in the pictures. Something I have never seen before and which made me smile the rest of the day, just like Jonny!