Here's an app you may want to install on your smart phone before heading out to the Empire Mall.

Granted, it's not that big of a problem here in Sioux Falls the majority of the time - but come Christmas you may thank me.

If you're tired of searching for an open parking space - well, there's now an app for that.  No more having to play 'parking space roulette.'

There's now a free website out there that will help you find a place to parkParkopedia also comes with a companion smart phone app.

The website is based out of the U.K., but according to a spokesperson for the company, they're currently in 40 different countries - including the U.S..

"We have parking data that covers approximately 28 million spaces.  That's roughly 6 thousand cities and 85 thousand parking facilities."

In fact, some auto makers are now even installing Parkopedia in their newer model cars.

Volvo, for example, will not only help you find a space, but it'll also let you pay through your dashboard.

Some newer parking garages are even now automatically sending 'spot open' messages to Parkopedia smart phone apps.