Looking for a one of a kind Christmas gift for that hard to buy for person? Here are a couple of gift ideas you're going to have a hard time finding in the mall this Christmas shopping season:

The new designer iPhone 5. It's valued at 35 thousand dollars. That's right, 35k!

The phone is blinged out with a case made of 128 grams of solid 18ct gold and the Apple logo is re-done with 53 "flawless" diamonds making up 1 carat of precious stones in total. The phone, which is the top-of-line 64 gig version, might be a little hard to find. It's limited to just 100.

If 35k is a little too much for your budget, good news, there's also a 24-carat gold version available.

And ladies, if your Santa already has a phone, chances are here's a gift he probably doesn't have. The question becomes, will you want him to have it?

You can now buy a $180.00 bottle of Vodka, Rum or Whiskey from a German company called G-Spirits. The booze, before bottling, has been poured over the naked breasts of a 2012 Hungarian Playmate. (I'm completely serious!) For proof, each bottle comes with photographic evidence that your drink has indeed been poured over naked boobs. 

That gift will definitely put a little ho, ho, ho into your holidays!